Tax Vouchers. 09/08/09

Note-This post is currently under major construction and is 40% etched in stone as to my ideas and thoughts.

-A TAX VOUCHER could be requested after a tax year is ended but probably prior to the regular federal tax deadline of April 15.


-This is a reimbursement of some or all of the taxes you paid into the UPP Care during a tax year.

-#1)In order to request a tax voucher from UPP Care you must have been an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT and paid taxes into the UPP Care health plan during part or all of the prior tax year.


-#2)In addition to #1 you must also have a QUALIFYING ALTERNATE INSURANCE PLAN that included the same identical coverage that the UPP Care plan offers during the same time period.


#3)You in addition to #1 you believe you can qualify for a partial tax voucher for meeting the special requirements to UPP CARE'S PARTICIPANT COST REDUCTION INCENTIVE PROGRAM.


-Their is no question that a qualifying alternate insurance should include a private insurance plan that has the same identical coverage as UPP Care and was paid 100% IN FULL by the active participant. This is clearly a alternate insurance chosen by the active participant and clearly shows he insured himself properly and suffered the expense of this personal choice.

-From this point on however, it because questionable weather or not those that are not paying in full should get the same tax voucher or be considered a qualifying alternate insurer.

-Further from this point on it is also becomes questionable and highly debatable on weather to include self proclaimed self insurers as a legitimate qualifying alternate insurance.

-This is where things become to difficult for someone like myself to complete this information without further input.

-EXAMPLE A) Lets look at one case in the extreme as one example. If someone has paid 100% out of their own pocket for a private insurance plan that has the same identical coverage as UPP Care and it was listed as an ALTERNATE PRIMARY PAYEE-PLAN B option but had no claims paid by UPP Care nor did the private insurer use the UPP Care rates because PLAN B was chosen then this situation should without question should result in the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE TAX VOUCHER. However, a completely FULL TAX VOUCHER should really never be possible with an ACTIVE participant.

Why? Even though their was no actual expense to UPP Care nor was UPP Care chosen to be on ACTIVE STANDBY PLAN to cover the individual in the event of a medical situation. UPP Care was still chosen to be an INACTIVE STANDBY BACK UP PLAN just by actively continuing participation in the plan. So, a FULL VOUCHER really should never be possible unless an individual rejected the plan and was still kept mistakenly at an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT status and forced to pay taxes into the plan.


-Individuals that claim they will pay medical expenses out of their own pocket and have no actual policy or legitimate insurance coverage. Could include those that are wealthy or not and intend to pay on their own when necessary.

EXAMPLE B)Another more difficult example is what if an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT says he has what he calls SELF INSURANCE (no policy, intending to pay out of pocket) and lists it as an ALTERNATE PRIMARY PAYEE-PLAN B. Basically someone can say they have self insurance (no premium, no proof of insurance) but they may or may not actually have the funds for it and if no claims are made or paid by his so-called self insurance plan or the UPP Care plan he could attempt keeping the UPP Care plan as a INACTIVE STANDBY BACK UP PLAN knowing he could change this at any time since the status is temporary. Provided he lucks out and was healthy and no claims where made he could then file for a tax voucher. Should he receive the same tax voucher in the EXAMPLE A ?? In effect, this individual has fooled the UPP Care plan into giving a tax voucher when their really was no expense to the individual and the individual had every intention of switching the ALTERNATE PRIMARY PAYEE back to UPP Care when he becomes sick or injured.

First, this person is using the UPP Care plan to his advantage and even though he has placed UPP Care as the INACTIVE STANDBY BACKUP PLAN he may fully know that he has no other real alternate insurance and in a way the UPP Care plan is in reality his ACTIVE STANDBY BACKUP PLAN because he has no money. Provided he has no claims he never needs to change that status and could qualify for a tax voucher. How do we deal with this situation?

-To begin with, my guess is that we must require a special minimum balance maintained account that is monitored by the banks and reported to the government at the end of the tax year. It very well might require a minimum of many millions of dollars to qualify under this self insured definition or at least to the limits of the UPP Care plan if any?

-Beyond that I do believe there is a need to reduce such a tax voucher for those that claim they are self insured and still ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the UPP Care plan. Perhaps the definition of ALTERNATE INSURANCE should be limited to private insurance or group insurance that contains a written policy? Besides, if you have the money to be self insured why even be in this plan?


-This incentive pROGRAM provides a list of tests that are expected to be authorized for certain conditions. If you can refrain from excessive testing beyond these tests listed you can qualify for a small incentive partial tax voucher for helping in cost reductions. This is completely up to the patient to decide on where to refuse a test or not.